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Teacher Support & Connection at LA

Teacher Support & Connection at LA

An Inside Look at LA’s Advisory Program and Small Classes

By Maddie Margraf '24

你好! My name is Maddie Margraf. I am a junior here at LA, and one of the reasons I chose LA was because of the support I knew it could provide me and the community and bonds I could create here. Like so many other students here, the best way for me to learn is with the support of both my peers and teachers.  

The teachers here at LA provide an incredible amount of support for each student. Whether it’s in class, throughout the day, or over the weekend, the teachers are always there for you. We have a block built into our schedule called office hours which is a super helpful time when students can meet and get extra help from our teachers. They are always available and ready to help. This one-on-one time with our teachers allows them to get to know us as students and understand how we learn best. This is extremely helpful and creates a better classroom environment and creates a strong support system between teachers and students.

We also get support from our amazing advisory program. Each student has an advisor and we meet with our advisors at least once a day. Our advisors are always there to listen and help us solve problems. The bond we create with both our advisory group and our advisor is extremely strong. They become a little family for you during the school day. Advisory is a time for you to talk with your advisor about something positive that happened during your day, or a time for you to share any problems that you may be facing. Throughout good and bad days, my advisor is the person that I can rely on for her constant support. My advisor has helped me with so much, whether it be with dealing with a hard week of finals, figuring out my schedule, or deciding what I want to do with my four years of high school.  

I also knew LA would be a good fit for me because of the small class sizes. Smaller class sizes allow for more one-on-one time with your teacher, create a better bond with your classmates, and allow for a more comfortable school environment. Creating strong bonds and also having the support of our classmates makes for a better, more comfortable, and more positive environment for students to learn in.

Our teachers are an amazing source of support. They understand who we are as people and, most importantly, they take the time to understand us as students. They are always available to help and to listen. Our advisory program creates a safe space and provides an immense amount of support for us, which allows us to grow and make the most of our high school experiences. The LA community is unmatched. It is welcoming, caring, and supportive. There's no other community I would want to be supported by for my years in high school.